Name change and expanded purpose for AIRC

The Board of Directors of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) have announced an enhancement to its name, identity and purpose.

The new name, AIRC: The Association of International Enrollment Management, “reflects AIRC ’s expanded scope of providing standards, resources and programs that support all aspects of students’ international education journeys from recruitment to enrolment,” the association said.

Derrick Alex, President of AIRC, explained, “The great news is that AIRC as an organization has continued to evolve by supporting various aspects of the international student journey, raising industry standards, and serving as a resource for all members. However, for all good reasons, we have also outgrown our former name, The American International Recruitment Council in this exciting phase.”

AIRC, which has membership streams for institutions, service providers and individuals and a certification service for agencies worldwide, has adopted the new name with immediate effect, and will be updating its website, documents and logos over the coming months.

Derrick continued, “While the word ‘American’ may give an impression that all AIRC’s members and stakeholders are USA-based, which isn’t true because we have members from over 30 countries around the globe, the word ‘Recruitment’ appears limited and does not convey the broader mission of AIRC in supporting the entire international student enrollment experience.

“The term ‘Council’ doesn’t portray who we are as a diverse, expanding membership community. However, we also realize that the acronym “AIRC” has become widely known and respected in the industry. Hence, the acronym remains part of our new name.”

Executive Director Brian Whalen said, “This change promotes what AIRC has been doing over the past few years as part of its strategic plan; namely, creating the architecture and support structures for the international enrollment management field (IEM).”

In recent months, AIRC has created an IEM Glossary; launched the first State of the International Student Recruitment and Enrollment Field Survey, which showed the increasing usage of agents by universities and colleges in the USA; developed IEM Standards for Higher Education Institutions; and issued National Recommendations to Improve International Student Recruitment and Enrollment.

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