Online High School Programs

EduPathway is proud to offer an accredited online high school program, providing students with a US high school diploma and pathway to post-secondary studies.

Online High School and Dual-Diploma Programs

Our program mimics a live classroom environment from a fully in-person school while giving students the flexibility to complete their studies, anywhere in the world, fully online. We offer not only core coursework, but elective choices that students can complete to enhance their learning experience. We understand the limitations that come from students learning in different time zones. Therefore, all of our live instructional sessions are recorded and posted for our online students to watch as their schedule permits.

Students in our program are able to take either a part-time or a full-time course load, and will be able to interact, if they desire, with in-person peers at our brick-and-mortar school who are taking the same courses. Upon full completion of this program, students will earn a high school diploma from an accredited, US high school which prepares them for admission to all post-secondary colleges and universities.

Full Online High School

The EduPathway online high school provides a fully-online curriculum. When successfully completed, students earn an American high school diploma. Existing high school students, both American and international, can receive credit for the classes they have completed at another school, either domestically or abroad.

  • Offering both Christian and non-religious curriculum

Online Dual-Diploma

Online dual-diploma program allows international students to complete their secondary school education in their home country, while simultaneously completing 2-3 courses per semester online through EduPathway. Upon graduation, student will earn a diploma from their existing school as well as an American high school diploma through EduPathway’s partner school. Students pursuing a dual-enrollment diploma must:

  • be enrolled with EduPathway for a minimum of two (2) years, completing a minimum of six (6) credits through EduPathway online
  • provide proof of attendance and transcripts from their existing in-country school

Program Benefits

  • Mimics a live classroom environment with dynamic interactions among instructors and peers
  • Easy to use LMS (Learning Management System) platform with immediate access granted upon successful enrollment
  • Dedicated log-in for each student with a dashboard tailored to his / her course of study
  • Devoted, fully-trained and certified instructors with experience in their instructional fields
  • Both regionally and nationally accredited program recognized by colleges and universities worldwide
  • Online students will share courses with in-person peers at our brick-and-mortar school to further enhance the live classroom environment.
  • Every instructional video will be recorded and posted for students to watch on their own schedule and again for review, if necessary
  • Chat feature integrated into each online classroom where students can chat with their instructors and peers who are registered for the same course
  • Access to assistance from actual instructors who built and teach each individual course
  • All coursework completed directly through the LMS platform and submitted easily for instructors to see
  • Coursework that includes tests / quizzes, discussion boards, research, and projects
  • Affordable price making online education available to all families

Application Process

  1. Complete the online application below
  2. Email your school transcripts from the past 2 years to [email protected]
  3. Participate in an online interview.
  4. Pay the course fees online at com/online-payments/
  5. Upon acceptance you will receive instructions to log in to your personalized student dashboard

Online Program Application

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