Partner School Program

EduPathway’s partner school program is designed to generate outside revenue for your school, increase cultural diversity, and help fulfill the dreams of international students.

EduPathway will promote your school to the international community, manage international student enrollments, and provide direction regarding student housing and the student experience.

Program Startup

EduPathway will work in cooperation with school’s administration to establish overall strategy and parameters for the program:

  • Expectations of international students regarding academics, clubs, activi­ties, sports, cultural enrichment
  • Recommended staffing necessary to manage program
  • Recruitment goals, both initially and long-term
  • Housing options: dormitories and home stays
  • Residential life program
  • Fees for tuition, housing, activities, etc.
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • School’s current marketing and recruitment strategies
  • School’s differential advantages

Map school’s admissions processes and identify key school contacts.

Work with school to ensure program has sufficient marketing tools directed toward the international community:

  • Downloadable content for agency use, including :
    • Digital school brochure appealing to international students
    • Powerpoint-based digital presentation showcasing benefits of attending school
    • School profile sheet
    • Case studies and success stories
    • Digital images and videos
  • Landing page and preferred positioning on the EduPathway online directory
    • Emphasizing school’s pathway to student’s post-secondary dreams
  • Digital marketing templates to promote school
    • Email drip campaign templates
    • Social media templates

Monthly Program Summary

Introduce school to EduPathway’s network of 1,400+ international recruitment agents.

  • Monthly email drip campaign to EduPathway’s network of international recruitment agents
  • Monthly email drip campaign to prospective student leads
  • Featured school opportunities at international recruitment events attended by EduPathway

Student recruitment:

  • Actively recruit through EduPathway’s network of 1,400+ international recruit­ment agents
  • Recruit students directly through inquiries from EduPathway website

Application process management:

  • Receive and process applications and related documents
  • Ensure applicant meets school’s admission guidelines
  • Interview students online:
    • Ascertain proper fit with school
    • Answer questions
    • Assess English skills
  • Forward vetted student applications to school administration for approval

Advise enrolled students regarding VISA appointment, packing list, and travel arrangements:

  • Coordinate student arrivals if needed
  • Advise school admissions department on SEVIS procedures
  • Advise school regarding student housing in residence halls and home stays

Provide School with monthly activity report:

  • Marketing activity
  • Inquiries
  • Agency meetings
  • Applications
  • Enrollments

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