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Benefits of studying in the United States

One of the major potential benefits of studying high school in the USA is the chance to be immersed in the English language in a real classroom. And if your goal is to eventually attend college in America, earning credentials at an American high school may be a good stepping stone. It can familiarize you with the participatory style of teaching, potentially making the college application process easier. And there’s always the benefit of experiencing a new culture, eating new food, and meeting new people!

One of the great benefits of studying in the United States is the wide array of schools to choose from. Whether you opt for a public or private school, a school that offers university-accredited courses or one that offers other extracurriculars, there are plenty of options.

Study and Live at an American Boarding School

USA Private Boarding Schools are for students who want more – of everything! More attention from teachers, more challenging opportunities, more preparation for university, more advanced sports and arts facilities, and more opportunities for the future. Boarding Schools provide international students with the best environment to enrich their skills in academics, arts, sports and leadership – the accomplishments that top US & global universities are seeking. Boarding Schools are usually competitive, with selective admissions, small classes, and individual attention from highly qualified faculty. We partner directly with American Boarding Schools that offer a great education and the best possible environment for study, enrichment activities, and social achievement.

International students often choose Boarding Schools for their strong academics results and university prep programs that help students be accepted to top universities in the USA and around the world.

Living with a Host Family

For many decades, American families have opened their homes to international students. These special families host foreign students for many reasons, maybe to share a new culture with their children, or to share their own culture with international students.

Public High Schools

Public schools, which are funded by U.S. taxpayers and must follow the established state curriculum, can offer an experience that’s closer to the one a typical American student might experience. Though international students must pay tuition to attend public schools, the price is usually lower than the cost of private schools. It’s important to consider how long you’d like to study in the United States, since international students are generally only able to enroll in a public school for up to 12 months, while those enrolled at private school can study for the full duration of the academic program.

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